Goods and Service Tax

GST Implementation Consulting Firm in Kolkata

With the approval of the GST by the Parliament, there has been an enormous demand, across various industries, for professionals who can assist corporates and other business houses with seamless and hassle-free migration to GST and with the GST compliance management, that follows subsequently.

We realize the impact that this phenomenon, called the ‘GST’, has on businesses and have hence offered our expertise on the subject to entities across various sectors. Our services in connection with GST, include, inter-alia, GST migration, consulting in GST compliance management, and assessing the impact of GST on businesses on account of the differences in the modus operandi of the current scheme of indirect taxation (Excise duty/Service tax/VAT) vis-à-vis the proposed GST regime.

We have successfully managed GST migration for various corporates and have been considered to be one of the leading GST consulting firms in Bangalore. Our rich experience in the field of the current regime of indirect taxation has enabled us to understand the implications of GST with ease. We have also been applauded by our clients for assessing and presenting the impact of GST on their business in a simple and comprehensible manner. With a robust and dynamic team of chartered accountants, we are confident of facing all challenges posed by the GST regime.